//What Is The Most Important Element In A Calling Campaign?

What Is The Most Important Element In A Calling Campaign?

When most people think of what makes a calling campaign successful, they immediately think of having the best salespeople or closers on the phones.

In truth, there are really 3 elements that you need in order to run a successful calling campaign.

They are (not necessarily in the order of importance)

  • A great team of telemarketers
  • A tested and working calling script
  • A highly target list of prospects to call

Have a great team on the phones is super important but not the most critical element.

Then there are some people that think you need an amazing script. A script that magically gets you past receptionists and gatekeepers with little to no effort. Once again having a solid tested and working script is very important, but not “the” most important element.

Don’t believe me? Let me explain.

Imagine have a well crafted tested and working script. Now imagine having an unbelievably proactive and talented team using that script. Tick.

Missing something?

If you thought “database” – what we believe to be the most important element in a calling campaign – give yourself a big pat on the back.

Yes you heard right “database”.

Not convinced? Remember this…

The greatest team in the world with the greatest calling script will struggle everyday of the week selling to the wrong list of prospects. Period.

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