//How To Choose A Telemarketing Company

How To Choose A Telemarketing Company

When a company decides that they require the services of a professional telemarketing company, there are 4 keys things to keep in mind.

1. The Telemarketing Company Is Run In Australia Including All The Telemarketers

This is super important and in almost all cases will mean the difference between failure and success in a calling campaign. Yes the costs of utilising a Professional Telemarketing Company in Australia will be higher than those in Philippines or India but it’s worth it in terms of returns. Call Force never outsources any calling overseas whatsoever.

2. The Telemarketing Company Has A Wealth Of Experience

Make sure you deal with a Telemarketing Company that has a wealth of experience in all types of industries. Here at Call Force, we’ve worked on campaigns in IT, Healthcare, Automotive, Insurance, Real Estate, Media, Safety, Building, FMCG, Telecommunications and lots more.

3. Focus On Calls Per Hour, Not Cost Per Hour

Too many people make the mistake of searching for the cheapest option when it comes to using a Telemarketing Company. This is completely wrong. Instead, you need to focus on how many calls can be made each hour. The more people you can connect with and speak to will essentially lead to higher conversion rates.

4. Call Data Is Shared In Realtime

Telemarketing can generate some seriously great leads and they need to be followed up as soon as possible. Never wait until the end of a campaign before you are presented with new found leads. The fact is, the older a lead gets, the harder it is to convert. Here at Call Force, all the data we share with clients is made available in real-time. Meaning that once a lead comes in, you can see if immediately.

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