//How Important Is A Telemarketing Database?

People often think that the most important factor in a telemarketing campaign is having the perfect script. They think that there must be some magic words or phrases that they can use to win over prospects.

In our experience, people who think that a script is the most important element in a telemarketing campaign are wrong.

In fact, we believe that there is something even more important than great staff.

And we believe, it’s the database.

Now you may be thinking, “A database? I need closers. I need people who can sell ice to Eskimos. People who are natural born salespeople.”

The truth is, yes of course you need great people on the phones. And here at Call Force, they are the only people we hire and keep. We spend a huge amount of time searching for the right people. And when we find them, we keep them.

However, having the right people calling on the wrong market or database is always destined to fail.

We stress to clients that you need a carefully crafted list to make a campaign a success.

Unless everyone is your market, you need to think very hard about the types of prospects that are best suited to your product or service. For the wrong database can turn a potential success into a failure.

For some businesses, it will be obvious. If you are selling a product or service to enhance the lives of students, your market might be schools or education providers. If you are selling telecommunications to businesses, you’re ideal market might be SME’s with 5 – 50 employees turning over a certain amount of revenue.

Before we take on any telemarketing campaign, we always try to ensure that the data we are going to be working with is spot on.

If you are serious about running any telemarketing campaign, you owe it to yourself to make sure that your data is not only accurate but best suited to your ideal prospects.

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