//How To Leave A Voicemail That Gets Results

Telemarketers are divided on the whole discussion of leaving voicemail messages.

Some telemarketers believe that you should leave a voicemail message, and there are others that believe it doesn’t work and to forget them entirely.

Here at Call Force, we believe that leaving a voicemail message is SUPER important….if done the right way.

Let me give you an example.

Compare the two following voicemail messages.

“Hi Mr. Smith, my name is John and I’m calling from XYZ Systems. We help businesses streamline their IT processes by using cloud computing technology. I’d love to have a chat with you and explain how we can help your company. Could you please give me a call on 123-456-789.”

Compare that voicemail message to this one.

“Hi Mr. Smith, it Jonathan, listen I had a quick question to ask you, and I was told only you could answer it. Give me a call when you can. My number is 123-456-789.”

What’s the difference between the two voicemail messages?

The first voicemail message leaves no stone unturned. The telemarketer basically lets everything out of the bag and hopes the prospect will phone them back. In truth, if the prospect is interested, they will call back. But from our experience here at Call Force, the likelihood is that you’ll find approximately 1 out of 10 people will call back.

Now compare that to the second example we gave.

In the second example, the telemarketer leaves a very simply and bare voicemail that arouses curiosity in the prospect.

Questions that come into the prospects mind include?

  • Who is John?
  • How’d he get my number?
  • What question does he have for me?
  • Is he a potential customer?

We find that using this approach for leaving voicemail messages returns approximately 8 out of 10 calls made.

That’s a staggering result.

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