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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Call Force.

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Our team are all Australian based and all calls originate from Australia. We NEVER outsource calls to India or the Philippines.

Here at Call Force, we work on a campaign basis. For us to accurately predict how much your campaign will cost, we need some basic information such as the list size and your target market.

Our minimum campaign size that we work on (including setup fees) starts from $4,880 inclusive of GST. This amount excludes a database unless you are providing one. Calling volume will depend on whether this is a B2B or B2C campaign. If this sounds good, please call or fill out your details and make an enquiry.

No. Here at Call Force, we only work on a campaign basis. This means we allocate a specific amount of time to each campaign and make as many calls as we can within that timeframe.

Unfortunately not. Well, the truth is, we could help, however the setup cost alone would outweigh the actual cost of the calling. If you’re happy with that we can help, but in most cases, you need to have a list of at least 500 contacts or more for us to be able to help. Here at Call Force, we have the capability to make anywhere from hundreds to thousands of calls each day on any given campaign.

Unfortunately not. We currently only work with companies that have a physical presence in Australia.

This is a very hard question to answer and people that have never run a calling campaign tend to ask this question all the time. Can we guarantee a set volume of calls to be made? Yes. Absolutely. Can we guarantee the outcome of a calling campaign? Sadly not. This is where you have to think realistically. It is impossible to guarantee the outcome of any call. Let alone guarantee the outcome of hundreds or thousands of calls. Here at Call Force, we always prefer to under-promise campaign results to clients and then over-deliver rather than the opposite.

While we’d love to work in every industry imaginable, some industries we cannot help. These include

  • Residential Solar
  • Cleaning
  • Multi-Level Marketing

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