//Does Cold Calling Work?

Just the thought of cold calling makes 9 out of 10 people squirm.

Most people would rather eat a bowl of rusty old nails than pick up the telephone to call a stranger and ask for business.

It’s not that people are afraid of talking to strangers, we can all do that. What most people are really afraid of is the fear of rejection.

But…in this day and age of the internet, Does Cold Calling Still Work?

Well to be honest, it really depends on the type of business you are in…but in most cases, if done properly, the asnwer is a resounding YES!

Let me give you some examples of where cold calling will work and where it probably won’t.

If you own a milk bar or convenice store, cold calling is probably not going to work for you. Why? Your market is too large. You have no specific criteria of prospects that you could go after.

On the other hand, let’s say you own a computer repair business and you maintain other businesses computer systems. You could easily obtain a list of prospects from within your surrounding area and call and offer them a free security audit of their computer systems. In this example, you can define a market and prospect that market through cold calling.

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